Conference location

The conference will be located in the Gävle Concert Hall, which is located in central Gävle.

The building was inaugurated in January 1998 and was designed by architect Bo Karlberg. The beautiful and central location, next to the roaring rapids of the Gävle River and the Gävle City Park makes for a fantastic venue.

The facade is clad in shiny, deep blue tiles. The interior walls
and floors appear the same, but in reality, the floor is finely
sawed white limestone from Greece, while the walls consist of
colored concrete. The white color and beautiful materials are
the foundation to the concert hall’s austere interior elegance.

The spacious foyer with panoramic windows facing the river
stretches out into a hallway with a music library, box office,
cloakroom, rest room, bar and the smaller concert hall; Bo Linde
Hall. At the front of the building lie the main concert hall,
called the Gevalia Hall, and a restaurant. Other conference rooms
are situated on the floor level, also with panoramic windows
overlooking the Gävle River. The building is well equipped for
the disabled.
The Gevalia Hall is not only an excellent venue for music, it
also works perfectly for all types of meetings and events.
The Concert Hall is designed specifically for acoustic sound
sources and is extremely well suited for speeches, as presenters
can be seen and heard well from anywhere in the auditorium.
Sound and light installations are especially suited for
Gevalia Hall’s two-balcony design. Naturally, the hall is
equipped with hearing loops and the seats each have writing
The concert hall has 819 seats including 536 in the stalls.



Christer Ljungberg

Conference Moderator

Christer Ljungberg is one of the persons that introduced Mobility Management in Sweden in the mid nineties, and an expert on sustainable transport systems.