Christer Ljungberg

Conference Moderator

He is one of the persons that introduced Mobility Management in Sweden in the mid nineties, and an expert on sustainable transport systems.

He runs a well known Swedish blog on "cities, transport, environment and the future in which we are to live".He is one of the persons that introduced Mobility Management in Sweden in the mid nineties, and an expert on sustainable transport systems.
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Ronald Havermann


Ronald Haverman is an expert in the field of shared mobility. Ronald graduated in Physics. He worked as innovation manager at the Dutch Railway (ProRail). He founded the Dutch bike sharing OV-fiets in the beginning of this century. The ‘OV-fiets’ bicycles are now available in all Dutch cities. OV-fiets uses a combination of staffed and unstaffed rental locations and is a low cost high performance bike sharing scheme.

In 2009 Ronald lived in Melbourne. At RMIT University he raised awareness about a public bicycle system. He ran a community based pilot with students in Melbourne called CommonBike. Back in Holland he became director of MyWheels and introduced peer-2-peer car sharing. MyWheels is a not-for-profit organisation that combines traditional car sharing and peer-2- peer car sharing.

Ronald’s passion is to create alternatives for everyday car use. He prefers to work with open (source) systems and to have a strong involvement of local communities in his projects. Ronald’s dream is to contribute to the creation of a world wide open standard for shared mobility: Grab a bike or rent a car wherever you want with a single chip card or your smartphone.


Camilla Robinson Seippel

Camilla Robinson Seippel is Head of Public Affairs at Swedbank. She has more than 15 years of experience in the financial industry. During later years she has focused her work on Socially Responsible Investments (SRI), Corporate Sustainability and Public Affairs.

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Anna-Lena Österborg

In october 2010 Anna-Lena Österborg was appointed Deputy Governor of (the County Administrative Board of) Gävleborg. Österborg has previously been head of department and tax director at the National Tax Board and head of department at the Swedish Defence Research Agency and she holds a Master of Law degree.

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Mark Major


Mark Major is a qualified Civil Engineer (UK) and also has an MBA in International Management (USA).He has been a permanent official of the European Commission since 1999 – before that he was a senior transport planner for the City of Nottingham in the UK.

 His past work in includes freight transport policy, international climate negotiations (aviation and maritime transport), transport project management and transport policy development and implementation. 

 He is currently working in DG MOVE on sustainable urban transport (in particular the climate aspects).Since 2005 he has been a visiting professor at the China Sustainable Urban Transport Research centre (part of the Ministry of Transport in China)

 He is currently the co-chair of an international study into managing urban mobility to reduce air pollution and congestion in Chinese cities for the Chinese State Council.  Mark speaks English, French and Spanish.


Youth perspective


Sustainable transport from a youth perspective.

Six young people from Gävle, Sweden, have their own session during ECOMM where they compare how young people and adults travel in their daily lives in different European countries.

Rebecka Erlandsson, Udani Pettersson, Kim Pettersson-John, Emma Lidman, Jasmin Faraghi Gilliland och Makda Bereket



Iain Macbeth


Iain is the Business Engagement Programme Manager for Transport for London, with a wealth of experience in travel demand management (TDM), sustainable transport, cycling, flexible working, car share and employee commute projects. Iain is also the Programme Manager for the Barclays Cycle Superhighways supporting measures for employer’s programme.   He is a former Chair of the Chartered Institute of Highways & Transportation (CIHT) Sustainable Transport Panel, Company Secretary for ACT TravelWise and a Director of the Boots Benevolent Fund.


Prior to joining TfL, Iain worked for a number of private sector businesses, including DHL, Aecom, and White Young Green. He developed the first private sector business travel plan in the UK whilst working for Boots plc, and managed one of the largest car share groups in the UK, supported by bespoke software. He managed the Influencing Travel Behaviour programme in the West Midlands for JMP Consulting on behalf of the Highways Agency. He has a wealth of development control related experience, working on Wembley Stadium, the Shard and Stansted Airport, and more recently has managed TfL programmes and engagement on air quality and electric bikes.