Urban planning Urban planning initiatives that promote more sustainable modes of transport in Gävle include Sköna Gröna Sätra (Nice Green Sätra) and the Attractive Stations initiative.

Sköna Gröna Sätra (Nice Green Sätra)

Sätra is a residential area in Gävle, which is undergoing comprehensive urban renewal. The project is being planned in a way that will improve provision for walking, cycling and public transport. There will also be opportunities for residents to rent electric cars through a local car pool.
Sätra on a map - click here (pdf).


Attractive Stations in Gävle

The Attractive Stations initiative is intended to improve Gävle train station based on passenger feedback. Continuous small improvements are made as part of a long-term development process in cooperation with various actors and stakeholders.

Published: 2012-11-20