Behavioural change Gävle municipality has several initiatives that promote more sustainable modes of transport by bringing about behavioural change.

Hållbar VarDag (Sustainable lifestyle)

Hållbar VarDag is a project that encourages 70 Gävle families each year to become more sustainable. The project focuses on energy, food, recycling and transport, and families meet in small and large groups throughout the year to support each other in their efforts. In terms of transport, families are encouraged to use public transport, participate in the Gävle Bike Challenge, receive Eco Driving training and test Intelligent Speed Adaption systems in their vehicles. The previous round of the project reduced car use by 19%, increased cycling by 7% and increased the number of bus journeys by 41% on average among participant families.


Safe routes to schools

Many school children in Gävle are driven to school each morning by their parents, which creates congestion and poses road safety issues for cyclists and pedestrians. Gävle Municipality supports schools to make a commuting plan, which can improve road safety, and encourage walking, cycling and the use of public transport.


Climate calculator

Gävle municipality has developed a web-based carbon calculator together with partners, where Gävle’s citizens can calculate their own climate impact. The tool also gives practical advice how individuals can reduce their climate impact.

Published: 2012-11-21